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Split Cylinder Repair

A customer complained of water leaking in the airing cupboard, which turned out to be a split cylinder, repaired by HomeServe 2000. Read more

Why You Should Regularly Use An Anti-Bacterial Cleaner in Your Dishwsher

Why You Should Regularly Use An Anti-Bacterial Cleaner in Your Dishwsher

I often get on my soap box ref carrying out a monthly antibacterial wash cycle in your dishwasher, here is why. This picture shows the extent of not doing so, you can clearly see the fungal growth around the underside of the micro filter plate, it hangs like a stalagmite, and is a health risk - it [...] Read more

Cleaning Your Washing Machine Pump Filter

Today's tip from homeserve2000, check the washing machine pump filter. Most washing machines today have a pump filter, here's how I recommend you do it. Have a towel ready to catch the residue of water in the pump, unscrew the filter, remove any debris, rinse and put it back nice and hand tighten, [...] Read more

Washing Machine Detergent Advice

Do you experience light grey stains on your dark/black garment? Then the likelihood is you are using liquid detergent. Powder is best, but be advised, powder requires a minimum temp of 40deg to fully dissolve and to activate the enzymes. Read more

Tips For Avoiding Blocked Washing Machine Pumps

Blocked washing machine pumps, whilst good for business, are preventable by: checking the pockets, using a net laundry bag for smalls and ensuring the bath mat is machine washable. Read more

Using Dishwashers in Hard Water Areas

Dishwashers need "dishwasher salt" - an obvious statement I hear you say, but it's not that obvious from my experience. Even if the house has a water softener fitted, the dishwasher still requires salt. Every dishwasher leaves the factory with the softening unit set to "soft water" setting, because [...] Read more

Tumble Dryer Safety

In light of all the bad press regarding tumble dryer fires, a tumble dryer is the only domestic appliance I would advise customers to have serviced and de-linted every 18 months! Read more

Maintaining Dishwasher Performance

Every dishwasher has its own water softener which should be set to the hard water setting by the user & topped up regularly with dishwasher salt. With this in mind, using tablets or liquitabs will cause your dishwasher to over foam resulting in poor wash results. For the best results and to save [...] Read more

Dishwasher Repair - PCB

Dishwasher Repair - PCB

This dishwasher was not heating, and the manufacturer said a new PCB was required - an expensive part to replace. HomeServe 200 dry joint re-soldered with link wire attached, happy customer! Result. Read more

Prevent Bad Odours in Your Washing Machine

'Tis the season of smelly washing machine drums! Be sure to carry out a monthly 90deg wash with a cleaning agent, the problem is caused by bacterial growth on the residue (grime) left behind during the washing process, warm ambient temperatures encourages the growth. HomeServe 2000 recommends and [...] Read more

Keeping Your Dishwasher Clean

Watch out for fungal yeast breeding in your dishwashers. Scientists warned that fungi such as disease-causing black yeast thrive in hot, moist conditions and were found in and around 62% of dishwasher door seals and below the filters! We at Homeserve2000 recommend a monthly hot chemical cleaning [...] Read more

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